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Project Loan

With the understanding of the complexities involved in financial matters associated with business operations, , is specialized and offers consultancy services related to project finance.

We arrange Term Loans for companies to achieve their financial goals. We analyze the requirements of the company, design appropriate moratorium and give ample time for repayment with proper justification for the limits.

The key objective of Project loan is to support the promoters by offering debt to their ongoing or upcoming projects which gives a leverage effect and help them to invest in a particular project beyond their capacity and fulfill their dream.

To acquire the fixed assets like land & building, plant & machinery etc as well as for the working capital which is needed for day to day transition.

MFB offers financial assistance to medium and large scale industries in all sectors like star category hotels, resorts, Land & Building, hospitals, Plant & Machinery etc.

Key criteria
Constitution Proprietorship concern, Partnership firm, Private limited or Limited. However every financial institution has set certain limit on loan offered based on the constitution of the applicant.
Margin Minimum margin of 25% is required. However same is based various other parameters also.
Security Collateral security is required in terms of tangible assets, guarantees or charge on cash flow. It varies case to case basis.
End use Funds can be used for capital expansion or majority towards the hard cost i.e. land, building, machinery etc. However land acquisition is allowed only in specific cases only.
Financials Should comply as per the internal rating of financial institution or bank but in general should have profit and positive growth in previous years for existing business and if new venture then healthy projections which should have comfortable DSCR.
Repayment Tenure Average tenure for a project loan is 5 to 10 years however for infrastructure projects it can go up to 15 years as well. Same is inclusive of moratorium period as well.
Moratorium Varies between 6 months to 30 months.
Cost 11.50 % to 13.00%

Working Capital

Working capital and operating liquidity are the two main components for your business which will help you on the path to success. The ideal product for recurring working capital requirement, it comes with the flexibility of meeting seasonal demands of higher inventory.