The MFB Story

At Myfundbucket we match people looking for suitable loans and offers with Money lending Institutes providing loans at best interest rate. One can apply any kind of online loans like personal loan online, home loan online, car loan online, business loan online etc. Its easy to get loan with MFB: set up an account, upload your documents and apply for loan. You can compare/apply to several banks at same time to get best interest rates or if you don't want to upload the documents, don’t worry, just register yourself and our associate will take care of it. You can integrate MFB with your bank accounts/emails/outlook and MFB will directly pull the required documents from your profile, save it in our free repository online, and provide them to banks along with loan application. You can access your documents at anytime in the MFB repository and can use/share them anytime anywhere! We not only help you to choose a better loan for you, but also make sure that you get your loan sanctioned and the whole process closes smoothly as soon as possible. Your documents are safe and secured with us and you can again use them over for credit cards , debit cards, policies, mutual fund, insurance, utility connections, and consulting services. With MFB, its easy to take loan online and our proactive and helpful customer support team is ready to help if you have any questions. Join us today and experience digital experience for loan at MyFundBucket.

MyFundBucket helps you to apply loan to many different money lending institutes and get the best interest rate from the Market. We have empanelled ourselves with all the leading banks and money lending institutes in India and help you throughout the process of getting loan.

MyFundBucket is a platform where user can apply, compare and get best interest rates on loan. The whole process from collecting documents to getting loan sanctioned is electronic/online, so user can apply “Loan on Fingertips”

At MyFundBucket, we give the facility to upload all the required documents for applying loan, and then we take it forward

  • Apply to different banks
  • Get your documents Verified
  • Get the Loan amount and interest Rate form Bank
  • Help you select the best suited loan for you !

And all this is done totally free of cost and online. So all your documents are safe online and can be used again for applying any other loan or any other type of connection.

MyFundBucket gives you the facility to integrate your email id, bank account numbers etc to MyFundBucket, and then MyFundBucket will directly pull the required bank statements, IT papers and any other required documents from your account.

Our associates are available 24/7 for any kind of assistance at our toll free number 1800-120-0288

Drop in a query at [email protected]

  1. Free Cibil report

  2. 13-Nov -17 First time we have logged more than 1.2 crore soft login

  3. started digital sales with PL/BL

  4. Met with investors /companies at "The Rise Summit" HongKong

  5. In June 2017, started online credit card process for SBI

  6. started Digital Locker !! Now customers can save doucments in MFB repositories

  7. In Jan 2017, started with RBL and dispatched ~ 150 credit cards in that month with a strength of only 8 people

  8. Operations started in December 2016

    Operations in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune

  9. participated in CA study circle at anderi east

  10. Harish Joined MFB in June 2016 and handles client and bank relationships

  11. Distinct verticals for product development and operations

  12. Lauched our website

  13. MFB founder by three friends (Pawas/Vivek/Ritesh)